The real cost of language mistakes

In this post, I look into how poorly written content impacts brands and businesses, their credibility and even revenue based on studies conducted in the US and Europe. In particular, I examine how language mistakes and inconsistencies can harm businesses.

What is translation editing?

In this post, I consider what translation editing is and where it sits among other processes that the text undergoes, with some examples from my experience working with Chinese authors who publish in English.

Why does your team need a style sheet?

Authors, editors and publishing houses are familiar with a style sheet. But companies and brands should also consider the benefits of creating and maintaining a business style sheet. In a…

How to reduce word count?

Taking a step back and looking critically at one’s work is always challenging, so in this post I discuss how to reducing word count with a proviso. My intention is that nonfiction, academic, business and popular science authors, writers and bloggers will find the following tips helpful when exceeding the word limit without reducing the content or sacrificing the correctness, clarity and cohesion.

How to improve readability of text?

There are lessons that writers can learn from the digital community to promote their books online, reach and interact with the readers and, above all, improve their prose. Read this post to learn how to use content writers’ readability strategies and make your text clearer.

A cheat sheet for self-publishing authors

Here’s a cheat sheet of the main elements of the self-publishing workflow that writers should consider ahead of time. Below I discuss each key process that comprises the self-publishing cycle, along with some practical information and pointers to helpful resources.

What mistakes the spellchecker will not find?

Spellcheckers are great tools for easy and quick fixes. But you should not depend on them as the only method of correcting your text. Since they do not consider content, style, target audience and many other elements that influence language, they have a minimal scope. Let me show you some most common examples of mistakes (but there are many more!) that will slip through the spellcheckers’ cracks.

What questions you should ask when hiring an editor?

I discuss questions authors should ask an editor before starting a project together to make an informed decision. The conversation based on these questions will centre around the editor’s experience, their process and availability, the needs of the text and tallying up the tools for communication and information exchange.

5 easy tricks to polish your text

There are several ways to improve your text before it undergoes editorial intervention. In this blog post, I walk you through a few simple tweaks that do not require you to have particularly savvy computer skills or knowledge of the editorial practice.

Why do writers need a copyediting style sheet?

In this post, I take a close look at the importance and function of a style sheet in non-fiction writing. At the bottom, you’ll find free, downloadable templates (one with example content and a blank one) for your next writing project. An academic article, professional book, lifestyle blog or marketing content will benefit from the help that the style sheet offers.