Non-fiction book writing guide

A four-part guide created for non-narrative non-fiction and academic writers, touching upon (1) how to write a non-fiction book proposal, (2) how to structure a non-fiction book, (3) how to carry out a developmental edit of a non-fiction book and (4) how to self-edit a non-fiction book.

How to improve the readability of text?

There are lessons that writers can learn from the digital community to promote their books online, reach and interact with the readers and, above all, improve their prose. Read this post to learn how to use content writers’ readability strategies and make your text clearer.

Why do writers need a style sheet?

Why do writers need a copyediting style sheet?

In this post, I take a close look at the importance and function of a style sheet in non-fiction writing. At the bottom, you’ll find free, downloadable templates (one with example content and a blank one) for your next writing project. An academic article, professional book, lifestyle blog or marketing content will benefit from the help that the style sheet offers.