tips for writers

Why should writers care about language localisation?

From my perspective as an editor, it appears that writers might not always consider it when working on their book manuscripts. However, effective localisation may contribute to rendering their manuscripts more authentic and relevant. So, in this post, I am looking at language localisation, the key considerations for effective language localisation and its importance for authors.

How to write a self-help book that actually helps?

In this post, I share my findings about how to write a self-help book that can actually change lives inspired by my recent editing experiences. I also discuss my golden rule language in the self-help genre: be specific, respectful and aware of the impact your words may have.

Non-fiction book writing guide

A four-part guide created for non-narrative non-fiction and academic writers, touching upon (1) how to write a non-fiction book proposal, (2) how to structure a non-fiction book, (3) how to carry out a developmental edit of a non-fiction book and (4) how to self-edit a non-fiction book.